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Visualize - Management - Anywhere
View and manage remote systems online

Our latest web portal TankView was born from the need to make smarter the system storage management: usually data are available only on the PC installed in the control room. Thanks to our new product it is possible to manage the system’s storage with every device that has an internet connection, it can be a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. The HTML based interface allow us to access real time data with a common browser, there is not an app to install and it works on every OS.

Security is granted by a login via username and password, the administrator can create every needed user and set different viewing rights for them. Data collected on the cloud come from our SCADA system or from the installed PLC in, the customer must only have the PC connected to the internet, but if in the system there is not a wired network we can provide a modem/router that by a SIM card provides the connection to the cloud.

Plants Overview

Percentage representation of the storage of monitored plants and of the residual percentage available. You can quickly understand the filling status of the deposit

Plant detail

Clicking on the plant icon you can see details of every single tank and of the most important collected states. For every tank are displayed all the quantities collected by our level meters.

Display sensor

If there are gas detectors, it is possible to collect and view their real status and relative LEL percentage.

Weight calculation

The weight calculation of the stored products using the ASTM method allow a complete analysis of the deposit situation. In the front part it is showed the total amount divided by product’s typology, while in the tab below there are all data needed by the weight calculation of the gaseous and liquid phase.

Alarm history

The following page is dedicated to record all alarms configurated in the system: it is displayed the deposit, the time and the event typology.

User management

The system administrator can create users and assign them specific authorizations: for example the person in charge of a certain area is enabled to view only the deposits of his interest.

Loca Networks

In this page it is represented the management of the unattended systems of the small local plants, using the “search” function you can quickly find the plant you are looking for.

Plant detail

In this page it is represented the complete state of a local network, from tank’s storage to all alarms and states collected by our PLC.

Historical plant

The history of the level, volume, temperature and pressure measurement allows you to retrieve data for up to 6 months. Positioning the mouse on the dots, a popup will show the exact value and time of recording of the data.